Foreign Spouse Visa (Social Visit Pass) Malaysia

Getting Andrea a Social Visit Pass in order to be able to choose flexibly whether he wanted to stay here with me or go back to Italy, was a bit of a struggle, but fortunately not as bad as getting married legally in Malaysia. Here are the steps, in case you are wondering:

Unless your spouse is from China, South Africa and a few other countries Malaysia has listed…. you are allowed to do this entire procedure at the local state Immigration office in Malaysia. In our case, we approached the only state immigration office in Penang, Seberang Prai. It is not too far from home, but Still…..

1. Get the forms from the counter on first floor (Visas department, first counter on your left)

Make sure you get the entire thing including checklist. There are a number of forms to comply, but nothing overly complicated. The only 3 forms which requires an external validation are those underlined. You will need to seek Commissioner of Oath and for one of them, get endorsement from the local Income Tax office, if I am not mistaken. I run a business, so it was easier to get myself to sponsor my husband instead of getting an external to do it. (which would mean all 3 of you need to see the Commissioner of Oath together)

For your information, there are also 2-3 counters immediately at the entrance of immigration department who can run these errands for you. They will charge you a certain amount to fill in the forms, and run to the nearest commissioners of oaths etc to get endorsement (and of course charge you about 5-10x more of what you should be paying). But it is worth the convenience, if you ask me.

Also, for Malaysians, you need the GREEN birth certificate F4 size. The old piece of crappy birth certificate is no longer recognised. That and they also need 3 copies of passport photos, not 2 per person.

Spouse of Malaysian citizen

  1. 2 sets of Form Imm.55
  2. 2 sets of Form Imm.38
  3. Form Imm.12
  4. Statement form from Malaysian sponsor
  5. Husband’s and wife’s particulars form
  6. Additional information form
  7. Security Bond (with RM10.00 stamp duty)
  8. Statutory Declaration marriage is still subsisting
  9. 2 passports size photographs of husband and wife
  10. Photocopy of husband’s/wife’s birth certificate
  11. Photocopy of husband’s/wife’s Identification Card
  12. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (marriage abroad)
  13. Photocopy of Malaysian Marriage Certificate
  14. Photocopy of Divorce/Death Certificate (if applicable)
  15. Wedding photographs
  16. Photocopy of children’s birth certificate
  17. Trading License/ROC form/Form J (Proprietor)
  18. Supporting letter from employer (Employee)
  19. Income statement (Form J/bank book/3 months salary slip)
  20. Residential address
  21. Photocopy of husband’s/wife’s passport

2. Go back to the office

Assuming you did all of the above right, they will review your application quickly and ask you to come back a second time after 3 working days with 2 bank drafts. Ours was a RM1,500 for security bond and RM1,007 for application fees. Andrea managed to get the 5 year visa, which we are both very pleased about.

We have not gotten him any legal employment papers here yet, but we heard that all we needed was a letter from the employing company. So easy? Perhaps. I have to give them credit for being exceptionally fast and the queues were moving really quickly as well. All the same, I wish someone gave us a COMPLETE list of things to compile so that we would not have to run to and fro everywhere.
Good luck getting the Social Visit Pass. It seems a lot easier in Malaysia now than it used to be (judging from some forums I am reading)

One comment

  1. Wee C W · September 2, 2014

    I have a question, during submission as mentioned need “Wedding Photo”.
    Does full body Couple photo able to accept? How was your application.
    Please advised.

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